Startup Trainings:

Self-employment education programme was developed and implemented with an expanded methodology and improved curriculum. 2 start-up seminars were organized with an aim to bring young people who have entrepreneurial aspirations together with successful entrepreneurs. During the seminars, local entrepreneurs shared their experiences on their way to establishing their own businesses. First ‘Start-up Talks 2018 Kyrenia’ panel took place in at Dome Hotel, Kyrenia with 31 participants. Second Part of Start-up Talks Panel was conducted at Girne American University with 15 participants.

Start-Up Seminars followed by 2 sets of business development/self-employment which covered business plan development and business management subjects. Prior to trainings, Cyprus Inno was consulted with regard to developing curriculum and accessing their network. A trainer was contracted to deliver the trainings. First set of trainings took place 28 &29 November 2018. The emphasis was placed on Design Thinking & Business Model Canvas. During the 2 day trainings, the participants supported with the expertise in order to help them to channel their ideas into the Business Model Canvas. The trainings were completed with 3 participants in attendance. Second cycle of trainings conducted in 19 January 2019. Second cycle of trainings focused more on to teach how entrepreneurs operate and funding opportunities in the local context along with developing Business Plan. The training completed with 20 participants in attendance.

In addition, Start-Up Financial Modelling Training was provided for participants. The training was aimed at participants who developed business plan and needs more in depth knowledge on financial side. The training took place on 2 February 2019 with 5 participants. At the end of the training, participants acquired extensive information on the financial side of the business plan.

Lastly, GİGEM hosted Innovation workshop implemented by NI – CO with the support of British High Commission Nicosia that took place on 12 December 2018. The workshop focused on comparative analysis on northern Cyprus and Ireland ecosystems, followed with detailed analysis of business plan development. During the event, one to one sessions conducted with participants and officials from NI – CO. The event conducted with 22 participants in attendance.


Makerspace area was activated in September 2018, which constituted an important added value for our Start-up network. GIGEM Makerspace plays an important role on hosting start-ups and seed ideas for prototyping. GIGEM ICT Lab has been also converted into makerspace with new furniture and lots of new equipment such as Ardinios, Rasperry Pİ’s, 3D Printers, Mbots and advanced programing courses. The Maker Space established through the funding provided by ICT 4 Development Program, implemented by SOS Kinderdorf International.


Overall, 96 participants benefitted from the Self Employment Program, 14 Business Plans developed.