About Us

SOS CV established a youth centre in Kyrenia named as Kyrenia Youth and Resource Centre (GIGEM) to contribute in fulfilling the needs of the disadvantaged groups by the interventions aimed at integrating youth into society, preventing stigmatisation and preventing criminal behaviours of vulnerable youth groups. The activities were directed towards lifelong learning and access to the labour market regardless of gender, age and/or ethnic background. Furthermore, the emphasis of the activities were placed on promoting social inclusion and non-discrimination with explicit mainstreaming of the right of socially excluded persons or persons at risk of social exclusion to have access to the labour market, meaning to promote and exercise access to education and strengthen the capacities of the socially disadvantaged young people for their active participation in the development of their communities. The action was planned to improve the overall socio-economic welfare, responsiveness and accountability of the key stakeholders and introduced a functioning and representative socio-economic dialogue between the private, public and the civic sectors especially in Kyrenia.

Moreover, the project was designed to enhance entrepreneurship among young people through entrepreneurial education and training and developing models about how the start-up business is supported. The aim of the project was to reach out to specific groups whose entrepreneurial potential has not realized due to lack of assistance and resources. Seminars, trainings and mentorship services provided with the collaboration of local entrepreneurs, NGO’s, institutions and various experts actively working in the field.

Our Team

Mehmet Aldış

Skills and Capacity Building Specialist

Akile Yüzügülen

Personal Counselor

İsmail Bayramoğlu

Project Coordinator

Hasan Tabakcı

Employment & Business Development Advisor